SEnine is more than a monthly, community magazine. It is a voice for the community, supported by the community.

The content is topical, well-written, locally-focused and interesting, meaning that our loyal readers keep hold of their copy for longer or even pass it on to someone else to read.

  • 75% read 100% of the magazine¹
  • 44% of people give it to someone else to read when they have finished¹
  • 89% were able to name 2–6 advertisers¹
  • 86% said they had used an advertiser in the last 6 months¹
  • Advertisers benefit from SEnine’s social media reach of up to 20,000 per post, 4,600 Facebook page likes and 1,600 Twitter followers
  • Current distribution: 11,500 copies around Eltham, New Eltham, Avery Hill  and Mottingham

¹ Survey conducted in 2013

Marek Kolodziej

Advertising & Design

Tel: 020 8123 7493

Marek Kolodziej has lived in Eltham for over ten years and has worked with dozens of local businesses, helping them with their marketing and branding, and advising them on design for print and web.

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