Your Community Magazine celebrating 10 years

Editorial policy


The fundamental aim of the magazine is to report the good to be found in and about Eltham. To focus on the good deeds, works, actions,results and experiences of the people of Eltham. SEnine is not a current affairs newspaper. Its agenda is to point out the good facets of life in Eltham, help Eltham develop as a place to live and work and to promote the use of the high street.

We are not a newspaper.
We do not report on headline catching crime and drama, there are other newspapers in the community that do a good job at that.
We do not editorially support any policical party.

  • Encourage debate on local, national and international issue where they have an impact on Eltham SE9
  • Aim to inform, educate, encourage, support,enhance, congratulate and inspire the people of Eltham.
  • Promote community cohesion, social conscience,cultural awareness and tolerance.
  • Promote Eltham as a place rich in history. We will explore the past and recount it so that the younger generation has an understanding of the rich heritage of Eltham and surrounding areas.
  • Promote local community events. Please refer to community and charity policy.
  • Help Eltham develop as a safe and wonderful place to live, bring up a family, work, visit and play.
  • Promote and support of Eltham traders who help maintain the atmosphere of our ‘town’ and provide valuable shopping opportunities to locals and visitors alike.
  • Encourage involvement of all sections of the community, especially encourage youth involvement.
  • Report government and local authority initiatives and impact, hold elected and appointed officers to account, point out the good and the short comings of actions.

Local and national government policy.

  • At the heart of any comment on government policy is the catch phrase ‘The good of Eltham and the people who live here’.
  • To that end we will write about and encourage debate on issues, be they local, national or international.
  • Highlight community concerns and express them in a fashion that aims to create debate or bring to public notice and hopefully a resolution to the issue.
  • While commenting on policy, we will not editorially express a political view. 

  • Knowingly miss report, unnecessarily criticise,spread gloom and doom, discourage, hide the truth or wilfully attack
  • Avoid our duty and responsibility.
  • Carry unsubstantiated articles about Eltham – we will work to change any offensive issues.
  • Report on general crime except where it might be in the community interests to do so.
  • Editorally express political party line views or promote, support or write about one party over another.
  • Engage in community concerns where there no likelihood achieving a positive and open debate. ‘Thorny’ issues will be reported in a way that might lead to debate, resolution or offer solutions or ways forward in the matter.

We will avoid anything that does not portray real and correct image of life in Eltham. This includes sensational stories of the type associated with tabloids where social responsibility is not considered in favour of stories that ‘sell papers’. We are not a newspaper. The general rule of thumb is, if in doubt leave it out. We can always pick up the story in a later issue if this proves to be an incorrect decision, it is difficult to retract or repair damage if we print something that is not in the interests of, or harms Eltham or its people, traders or community.

<end policy>