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NFP & Charity

Policy statement –
Charity inserts, stories and advertising –
Community Not-For-Profit (N.F.P.) organisations
Clubs Sporting, Social and other.

These guidelines have been developed to give a clear understanding of the
SEnine view on charity and community adverts.

SEnine will endeavour to help where we can.  

We are pleased to try to communicate the specific events of a charity, community or sporting organisation based in or serving the SE9 post code in the SEnine classified or What’s On section. For example School fate's, Church or Charity events. While the What’s On section is fee paying section with very low rates we rarely charge small NFP and charities. If you wish to place a notice of an event, forward details in a word document (10-20 words) as above, this will be treated as a booking form. If we have to charge we will contact you, advise the amount and if acceptable will invoice you for the appropriate cost. If it is not possible to include it in the What’s On section we will try to arrange for it to appear elsewhere in the magazine.

Free listings in What’s On
Currently, we waive fees in the What’s On section and make the insert free of charge for charities and NFP organisations. Remember demand is sometimes high. Space and content is not guaranteed and always subject to space availability.

The policy in a nut shell:
•    We are a business and survive by charging for space.
•    The organisation must be active in or serving the SE9 postcode – Eltham to a receive discounted rate
•    Specific events or activities may be considered free to press where space permits and they serve a community   interest.
•    Editorial when it serves a community purpose may be free to press.
•    No guarantee of placement. Free to press are subject to space availability.
•    If you want or need guaranteed placement, book space and pay the discounted rate (for a charity event).
•    Straight forward commercial activities or self promotional copy will be charged at normal commercial rates.

We also offer charities and NFP a huge discount from our standard rate on display adverts (see rate card) which guarantees placement on booking and confirmation (no other discounts are available). We cannot give display adverts free entry. We will help you design your advert free of charge. Please contact us for more details.    

When articles are presented for publication we ask ourselves: What has this article got to offer the wider community of Eltham? If article does not embrace community wide benefit and present stories in an interesting way the submission would unfortunately suffer the fate of the many articles received for publication each month and not be included. Demand is always more than space available.
General self promotional articles would not usually be accepted as free content.
Editorial about organisations may be included when the community interest is being served.

Notwithstanding the wonderful causes and work being done by all charities and volunteer organisations, we are a business and it would be unfair to include free or discounted space to the quasi-commercial activities of organisations, shops outlets and other organisation that sell goods or services in Eltham. As a general rule if it has a commercial taste or feel expect to pay something for the inclusion of the item. For example, a University is a not for profit organisation and most are registered charities, however they would expect to pay to advertise the University services, however if they were running a free training event in Eltham for the people of Eltham then community interest may be being served and it may be included in free content.   

How to go about getting a story included.
If you are sending a story to SE nine forward a copy of what you want included as an unformatted word document by email. PDF’s are not accepted. Good advice would be to send two sets of copy, one brief and to the point and the other longer. This provides options when allocating the space available. A picture helps make an insert more attractive. Word count ranges from a small pointer with a few key words to about 250 – 500 max words (+pics) if it is a good story. 

The more interesting the article and more community interest it might attract increases the chance of inclusion. Have someone proof read and check grammar, spelling, details, dates, times phone numbers etc. SEnine reserves the right to edit any part of the article or story.

How are articles picked for inclusion?
After the magazine is laid out vacant spots are assessed. These are compared to the (not hundreds but lots of) requests received. They are allocated by community interest, general interest and space. 

If you need guaranteed placement then book space and pay as per the above policy.


  • Contact name, address, phone and email of person supplying details
  • Good clear well written copy – a word document (no pdf’s).
  • Photos if possible - Picture resolution to be at least 100dpi while 200 – 300 dpi is optimum
  • Target word count is around 200 words +/-. Larger articles will be considered on merit.
  • We need finished copy and details of the event to be advised by the 10th of the month prior to publication (e.g. 10th of each June for July edition) so think well ahead.
  • Copy of any logo’s to be used in digital format (JPEG) to be supplied.
  • Support the story with pictures

•    Contact name, address, phone and email of person supplying details
•    Good clear well written copy – a word document. (no pdf’s)

  • Contact name, address, phone and email of person supplying details

  • If we are to develop the advert
  • Good clear well written copy – a word document (no pdf’s).
  • Photos - Picture resolution to be at least 100dpi while 200 – 300 dpi is optimum

  • If you are sending finished work
  • High resolution PDF
  • Check you have it sized correctly

  • In all cases make sure you have had another person proof read the copy paying special attention to dates, phone numbers, addresses and location details.

<end policy>