Your Community Magazine
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Vision and Mission

Vision statement

Reflecting Eltham, where the historic and
contemporary meet in a thriving
cosmopolitan community.
Where people live in harmony
and want to visit, live and work.

Mission statement

  • Produce a high quality, interesting, topical and local colour magazine.
  • Seek out and write about the good in our community.
  • Listen to the community of Eltham and reflect the needs wants and desires.
  • Promote a message of understanding and tolerance
  • Within editorial policy speak out against crime and injustice
  • Highlight bureaucracy, incompetence and shortfallís while applauding progress, good judgement and innovation in local policy 
  • Preserve the good in Eltham and work to renew those things that require improvement and attention.
  • Work in partnership with local bodies and people to promote Eltham
  • Assist in the creation of an accessible, safe and high quality environment for the benefit of businesses, residents and visitors
  • Enhance Elthamís vitality and viability by helping to attracting new investment and businesses which reflect and build on Elthamís identity as a Royal Town
  • Encourage events and activities which will raise the profile of Eltham and promote it as an attractive, lively place which people will want to visit and return to
  • Be involved in the efforts of the public and private sectors and the community to work in partnership for the benefit of Eltham
  • To help create the conditions for sustainable economic growth in Eltham - to promote greater and more frequent use of Elthamís shops and services and to encourage more visitors and tourism

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